If you have a Dell 1800MP projector with flashing orange LEDs and not
able to turn on the power, you can try using my method below.

WARNING: Try it at your own RISK!

You can try repair it yourself, but it’s not going to be easy though.

Tools and replacement part

Original Part
Mtr: Ost
Part: Electrolytic Capacitor, Low ESR, 3300uF, 10V, 105C

Note: I couldn’t find the right part at Fry’s Electronics, therefore I bought the
NTE VHT1000M16 (1000uF, 16V, 105C). The capacitance is a little less than
1/3 the original part, but I wanted to give it a try anyway.  And guess what?
It works! 😀

Remove the power supply to replace the bad capacitor (3300uF 10V).

The rest of the parts. These must be removed first before you can get to the power

Remove the solder shown in the picture above and pull out the bad capacitor.

Check your capacitor polarity when replacing capacitor (just like battery).

Good luck!

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